WTF is a Stack Channel and what does it add to my everyday life?

Tetrix Stack Channels

Before I go on a technical rant about what Stacks are, I have to explain why does it matter?

It matters because privacy is a growing concern not only in the technology industry but also in our everyday lives. Most centralized applications are already tracking your data and your information, and we see what it does to our society and how it affects us personally. They use this data to market and advertise products based on our information and monetize this by leveraging our information to other companies.

Again, why does this matter?

This quote is the best way to explain why it should matter.

If you are not paying for it, youre not the customer; youre the product.

Now, onto the stack channels!

Stack channels are created by an individual, group, or institution with a common interest built under the network (Gaming, eSports, Art, development communities, and etc.).

These channels or groups can either be private or public through our BYOS (Build-your-own-stack) program.

The functionality of these stacks are the following:

  1. Community vote consensus
  2. Develop projects (NFT, Smart Contracts, channel token creations, blockchain development, and Tetrix integration)
  3. Participation in Research and Development
  4. Initiate crowdfunding
  5. Tetrix dApp Integration (Tetrix Exchange, Tetrix Wallet, Tetrix Rewards, $TET Marketplace)
  6. Advertisement and promotions
  7. Creation of sub-channels (Private and/or public)
  8. Community events and activities
  9. Digital Betting for (Gaming, eSports, Sports, etc).