Establishing Tetrix’s Foothold in the Web3 Space

With our ultimate goal to help more founders and community members gain access to the Web3, we at Tetrix Network are thrilled to share our recent registration to Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

DMCC — the Government of Dubai Authority on commodities trade and enterprise — establishes a regulatory framework for the offering, issuance, listing, and trading of crypto assets in DMCC, meaning we can now set up and operate in the world’s flagship free zone.

The agreement gives us access to bespoke licenses offered by the DMCC Crypto Centre, first-class customer service, a range of incentives, and the strong business regulatory framework developed by DMCC.

As of this writing, Tetrix is not registered in the Philippines and hence, is not covered by Philippine Law. But with our strive to bring blockchain solutions to all Filipinos, we look forward to registering Tetrix in the country.

Founders of Tetrix attending Future Innovation Summit in Dubai‌ ‌

During our stop in Dubai, we attended the Future Innovation Summit. We learned more about the new era of space technologies, digital breakthroughs in the metaverse, and sustainable solutions for a brighter future for humanity.

Web3 is the future. The awareness and knowledge of the investors, not only in the crypto assets but also in the blockchain technology, make room to seek more investment opportunities. Many experts also see crypto and Web3 with growth potential and innovation. And with that, we’re here to educate people about Web3 and provide more developers with the tools and support they need as we continue to make strides within the crypto and blockchain space.